apostrophe to the sun

youre so goddamn overrated—
sure you give us light you give us warmth & w/out you we wouldnt exist
but really—what have you done for us lately—

spittin out cancer & sending deadly rays through
holes in our ozone a peeping tom wanking
on godiva waking me up in the middle of morning
w/ lousy timing & sunny disposition
ancients considered you almighty & maybe
we should too considering
if you die
we follow
in about 8
minutes but its my morning & i
should sleep through it
if i want & its our ozone
& we should be
able to put holes in it
w/out some selfserving
celestial fireball gettin
radioactive about it
is it because i never wrote you an ode
or when i do mention you its to bitch
about your brightness or celebrate dark
plenty give you props—i wanna give dark
its due
lisa jarnot said i was drawn
to darkness where others are drawn to light
wanted me to write about flowers but i bloom
in darkness & violence
encouraged me to seek “a more understated
violence in [my] writing” as if overstating
violence somehow lessened me as one
who could metaphorize the cross-pollination
process into a statement against war
as anti-war as the next half-informed pseudo
revolutionary literary genius but im not a pacifist
if someone throws a punch im gonna punch him
better yet the preemptive strike

flowers are fine subjects but so is blossoming
energy & light when particles fuse together
create little versions of you right here on earth
theres beauty in this
& the hot chick who i wanted
to fuck & knew she wanted to
fuck me until she heard me use
christ & cunt
in the same line or the work
shop comrade who expressed
his concern i would show up
one day w/ an uzi to take em
all out which is completely
who knows me knows im incapable
of killing another human being w/ an uzi . . .
i would use an AK-47

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