sestina to the sun

mercury flicks revolutions
circling multiple darknesses
multiplies preemptive strikes
cucumbers radioactively drawn
to alabama afterthoughts
afterthinking pseudo-scientific
porcupines in scientificness
pacifist duped revolutionary
afterthoughts—naughthoughts—not thoughts
blue darkness
to gray light drawn
burned flesh stricken
cornbeam strikes struck & stricken
lightning science
snowcow drawing
foamy puss revolutions
through dark
dark thoughts
darking green salmon strike
dark dandelion darkness
dandy lined intestinal scientific
lions w/ stovepipe hats drawn
where dark is drawn
theres beauty in this thought
this revolution
this striking
this scientifically
dark dark
this wet red darkness
this dark drawn
dark science
creeping as a thought
after north dakota strikes
canned pork revolutionary
science thought
drawing striking
dark revolution

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