jarnot wordsworth sestina

they suffer only as a cloud
floating high over hills
bathed in sun where a crowd
grows tall among daffodils
beside the lake beneath the trees
fluttering & dancing in the breeze

dancing & fluttering in the breeze
as rain rains down & clouds
grow tall beneath the trees
beside the lake above the hills
blocking out the daffodils
raining on the trees & crowd

& clouds above the crowd
prancing & stuttering in the breeze
lost over hills of daffodils
dancing w/ the hills & clouds
while trees grow high on hills
of trees & clouds block trees

& block out sun while trees
grow high on hills & crowds
beneath the lake beyond the hills
stuttering & muttering in the breeze
above the hills beyond the clouds
blocking trees & daffodils

i want to eat the daffodils
& crush the crowd w/ trees
but current movements of the clouds
prevent the killing of the crowd
jibbering & jabbering in the breeze
inside the lake between the hills

conscious of the trees & hills
as daffodils approach daffodils
for sex w/ daffodils in the breeze
among the hills w/out the trees
conscious that the crowd
eats sex & sun & clouds

beside the daffodils beneath the clouds
beyond the hill between the trees
cowering & crowding in the breeze

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