wordsworth jarnot sestina

the sun—they loved the sun
& called the sun pimp daddy
& bathed in sun while sun ate
rain & rain rained birds
& birds ate trees as trees
grew tall in winter rain

clouds grow tall & rain
on trees & block out sun
& trees & birds while trees
wander lonely like sugar daddies
lost over hills & birds
& daffodils & then they ate

the daffodils & ate
the birds & the rain rained
down on trees & birds
& fish & sun then the sun
became the winters daddy
conscious of the sugar trees

beside the lake beneath the tree
where light & rain eat
evolution & pimp daddy
eats rain & birds & rain
rains all day on sun
as birds approach birds

for sex w/ birds as birds
eat sex & sun & trees
flutter & dance in the sun
raining as the breeze eats
rain & pimp daddy rains
birds & trees while sugar daddy

illuminates pimp daddy
& only pimp daddy & birds
hate rain & currents of rain
movements of trees
& birds & trees & rain eat
current movements of the sun

for when the birds in pensive rain
eat the bird of solitude the sun
w/ trees is filled & dances w/ sugar daddy

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